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Industrial Water Treatment manages water used in industrial and commercial applications to prevent scale, minimize corrosion, conserve water, minimize energy usage, address microbiological activity, produce process water, treat wastewater, and reduce the total cost of operation.

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Industrial Water Week

Industrial Water Week is the first full work week of October.  The next one is October 7-12, 2024.  With theme days, this week-long holiday celebrates the noble profession of Industrial Water Treatment.  Learn how you can celebrate too at

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Having Fun:  Comics

It can be the fun, quirky side of this unique profession that brings us all together.  Check out these Industrial Water Treatment cartoon memes and jokes that celebrate our noble career choice.  Click here to see more.

Detective & Doctor H2O

In the underbelly, penthouses, and industrial plants of the metropolis of Waterville and sprawling Watertown, work a man and woman who work tirelessly to stop and cure corrosion, scale, microbes, and save water drop by drop.  They are both the best water treaters this side of the Ohio...they just happen to live on opposite sides.  Join the adventures of Detective H2O and, his daughter, Doctor H2O.

Drop by Drop with James

As part of the Scaling UP! H2O 2024 podcasts, we wander, explore, think about, imagine, and learn industrial water treatment…you guessed it…drop by drop…together!  See them all here.

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Industrial Water Treament should be celeberated, and it is with Industrial Water Week each October!  We all come from a variety of backgrounds with differing interests, so there are more holidays to celelbrate that might resonate with you!  Check them out here.

PODCAST:  The One About Inspiring the Water Treatment Industry

"My Advice for Those Just Starting an Industrial Water Treatment Career"

The author shares advice for people just starting their industrial water treatment careers.  Even those who have been in the profession for a while may benefit from the reminders.  Read more here.

A Great Career Option!

Industrial Water Treatment Professionals understand pretreatment, boilers, cooling towers, closed loops, process water, and wastewater.  They understand water chemistry, equipment, processes, and the interconnections of it all.  While not recession proof, the Industrial Water Treatment profession can be recession insulated because industry must have well-managed water to keep their doors open.  Click here to learn more.

Be Like Water

Water holds so many life lessons in its small yet inspired form.  Check out the "Be Like Water" series of memes for inspiration and sharing with others.

A weekly challenge throughout 2021 to make us all better Industrial Water Treatment professionals, drop by drop.  Follow #JC21 on LinkedIn to follow along, too!  

Periodic Water Table with James

The weekly series throughout 2023 where we think and learn about water chemistry...drop by drop.  See them all here.

Thinking on Water

Weekly thoughts throughout 2022 to make us all better industrial water treatment professionals...drop by drop.  See them all here.